Security of Funds

Security of Funds

Today, the biggest concern of online traders and investors is the security of their accounts. Liberal FX corporate finance accounts are all held in separate bank accounts. Therefore, when all accounting and internal control procedures are separated, reconciliations are not confused with other accounts.

Take advantage of , Liberal FX ingenuity in the internete to ensure internet security at high standards. With our internet platform, the deposit system operates from two separate channels and your financial information and platform information are separate.

When you enter our site with encryption with 256-bit SSL, HTTPS provides secure internet access. Liberal FX maintains its security technology at the highest level in accordance with its procedures.

Liberal FX takes the necessary security measures to ensure the safety of international security systems and companies' security systems. In this direction, a number of different identity and identity confirmation documents are not mutually controlled during the account opening and / or withdrawal process of your customers.


Trust is very important when we invest in the financial sector and when the issue is money. People always want to invest securely. The security issue is important in terms of investment psychology.

There are several licenses valid in the market that are considered safe. However, the standards provided by licensor regulators alone may not be enough. Because even after the license is granted, many problems can arise. Organizations such as IFCOMM are engaged in such cases.

IFCOMM is a constitution that provides some services to investors of various financial institutions and provides both a solution to disputes and an insurance guarantee.

What IFCOMM provide a Trader?

  • Insurance by Commission’s Compensation Fund for up to $100,000 per case
  • Access to a nonpartisan and intrigue free domain to address any grumbling
  • A quick and sufficient examination and determination
  • A chance to browse more than 30 endorsed Members

By participating in IFCOMM organizations protect their principles while conducting their business. We also aim to show our respect to our business and our clients by joining IFCOMM. In this way, we are doing our businesses that are more reliable, cleaner and clearer.

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